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I Have to Make a Seating Chart . . . Where Do I Begin?

If you’ve never had to make a seating chart before, the endeavor might seem a little daunting. Perhaps you approached it with a method and slowly found yourself getting more and more confused, eventually feeling like you want to pull your hair out. Don’t fret! We have some tips that can help you create a seating chart that works for your wedding.

Pick a Table Shape

First, you need to pick a table shape. Picking your table shape will not only let you know how many people you will be able to seat at each table, but how you will orient the tables in your space. It will also tell you how many tables you will have to work with.

Keep Your Friends Close

If you decide to seat your wedding party with you, and if you have room, seat their dates or significant others with them. If you decide for a sweetheart table instead, you could seat the wedding party together or have each couple host a table as well. Traditionally, if you don’t seat your wedding party with you, you should seat you and your partner at the best table, your parents at the second best table, and your wedding party and friends at the third best table nearest the dance floor.

Figure Out Where to Put Your Parents

It is best practice to seat the parents of the bride and groom together and, if there is room, to put the grandparents at the same table. Sitting them together allows for the parents to get to know each other and enjoy this special day.  

Get Help

If your parents have invited some of their friends, enlist their help in setting up the seating chart, since they know their friends best. Also, you could get their help when seating your family members as well.

Categorize Your Guests

Weddings are a time that brings all the people in your life together and often those people are from all different areas of your life. To ensure that your guests have a great time, you can categorize them so that those friends from work get to sit together and your family can enjoy some time together. You can also think about your guests’ backgrounds, ages, and interests and seat them that way.

Consider a Kids’ Table

Creating a kids’ table allows those parents who have kids who are old enough to be independent to have a break and for kids to have fun playing together.

Be Conscious of Your Friend’s Feelings

One thing that you NEVER want to do at your wedding is to create a singles table. This can be incredibly awkward for your single friends and hurt their feelings at an event that can stir up a lot of feelings to begin with. Conversely, you don’t want to seat your single friends at a table of married couples. The best way to approach knowing where to sit your single friends is to be mindful of their feelings and to consider where they might have the best time. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t sit your cousin next to your coworker who you think would be perfect together.

Make It Digitally

Making your seating chart digitally can be a great way to see all your options. Certain websites such as the Wedding Wire, All Seated, and Wedding Mapper offer online tools that can make creating your seating chart easy. Use technology to your advantage.

Use a Physical Chart

If you are more of a hands-on person, you can create a physical chart. Use a large sketch pad or poster board to draw out your venue space and each table. Be sure to use pencil as you arrange and rearrange your guests. You could also use sticky notes or sticky plastic markers as representations of your guests.

Creating a seating chart can be a headache, but investing in chair and table rentals can help the entire process! Learn more about our wedding retail options on our website!